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Visiting Mexico during the holidays is a great experience. In preparation for your trip, it is recommended that you get a car insurance intended for Mexican driving.


You may not know it, but an American car insurance is not acceptable when you are in Mexico. This is because most Mexican car insurance and repair shops will not accept American car insurance.


According to Mexican Law, all tourists visiting Mexico have to have a holiday vacation auto insurance policy. A vacation insurance is a Mexican insurance that covers the time you are staying in Mexico. This policy is valid during your choice of stay whether daily, weekly or monthly and up to 6 month. But if your stay goes beyond 6 months, it is necessary for you to get already a regular insurance policy.


You have two options when it comes to purchasing an insurance for cars in Mexico.


One option is to still use your American car insurance in crossing the border, then you buy from a town at the border your insurance for Mexico. There are several small offices that cater to visitors and they process quickly.


If you are driving over the border with your American car insurance, you are taking a risk.


To avoid risks, it is recommended that you purchase your can insurance first before leaving for Mexico. In order to avoid rush, you can arrange with your insurance carrier to process your car insurance policy for Mexico, maybe a month ahead so you can contact a few companies that specialize in providing this policy. 


Information about car insurance in Mexico can also be read through the internet. Online information has made it easy to learn about car insurance in Mexico. All you need to know are the various kinds of insurance policy and the coverage under each as far as Mexican law is concern. In road accidents like injury or death, your policy should be able to protect you. Your insurance should also cover you with a legal defense in case the matter is brought to court.


The auto laws in Mexico are known to be different from that of the USA and Canada. Mexico law enforces proof of your insurance aside from another auto insurance in Mexico when you drive around the country. 


Car insurance in Mexico features personal injury protection for both the driver and passengers injured during the accident in all medical costs. Other physical damages will also be compensated like theft, damage by floods, animals or fire. There are different coverage of vehicle insurance in Mexican policy that you can find out through online research. Check out for more info.